Tentative Schedule

This course syllabus provides a general plan for the course; deviations may be necessary.

****Change in the schedule: Homework assignments for 2/17 and 2/24 have swapped places.*****

COURSE SCHEDULE  (tentative, changes may be necessary)

Wk 1 1/13 Welcome and Orientation. Viewing of Side by Side. Write reaction paper in class. 500 words. Email yourself and me.
Homework due 1/20  Read text Media Production, Ch. 1 & 2. Write 2 reaction papers. 500 words each.
Wk 2 1/20 Introduction to WordPress. Plan and set up blog.+ Demo reel. The camera. Composition, exposure, color balance and focus.
Homework due 1/27 : Read Ch. 8 “The Camera”. Write reaction paper to your blog. Also post reaction paper to this interview. 



Wk 3 1/27 Scavenger Hunt. Counts as class lab grade. 
Homework due 2/3: Read Ch. 6 Audio. Write a post on blog. Lynda.com tutorials on Premiere Pro CC Essential Training (2015). link here


Wk. 4 2/3 Audio. Editing with Premiere Pro. MOS Shoot. Project 1.
Homework: Read Ch. 10 Editing. Write a post on blog. Due 2/10

View Lynda.com tutorials for Premeire Pro CC Essential Training (2015)

Wk. 5 2/10 What is a News Package? The script. Edit MOS Project 1. Due by end of class
HomeworkRead Ch.7.  Lighting.   Write reaction paper as a post on your blog – due 2/17
Wk. 6 2/17 Shoot News Package 1. 
Homework : News Package Critique – due 2/24
Wk. 7 2/24 Lighting. Edit Package 1. Due by end of class with script. News Critique due 10 am
Homework due 3/3: Read Ch 3. The Producer. Write a reaction paper as a post on your blog.
***Midpoint of Semester   2/28***
Wk. 8 3/3 Shoot News Package 2 .
Wk. 9 3/10 The Pitch. Edit News Package 2. Due by end of class with script

Spring Break – Enjoy!


Wk. 10 3/24 Pitch Pkg 3. Shoot News Package 3.
 Homework due 3/31: Read Ch. 5 Directing. Post reaction on your blog.
Wk. 11 3/31 Edit News Package 3. Due 4/7
Homework: Completed Demo Reel due 4/7
Wk. 12 4/7 GPB tour cancelled. Stay tuned! Details coming

Completed Demo Reel due.

 Homework: Write post on blog about what you learned at GPB due 4/14
Wk. 13 4/14 Social Media Presentations. Classwork: write post on the presentations.
Homework: Study for test. Digital Media blog due 4/21
Wk. 15 4/21 Open note (one-note only) test. Digital Media blog due by end of class.



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