Getting Started with HF R 52

For full guide with graphic illustration: go here:VixiaHF_R52_ed

When purchasing SD card, choose a Class 6, or 10 . The higher the better.

Prepping to Shoot:

After turning on the camera, choose where you want to record your media. You have two choices. Record to your SD card or the internal memory.

Tap the Home Icon.

Tap the Recording Setup icon.

Recording Media – tap Recording media.

 Choosing media to record to.

You can either record to your sd card or to the internal media card.

Movie format –Choose AVCHD (not MP4)

AVCHD – Ideal for HD play back.

MP4 – mainly a web format for easy upload and playback on devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Video Quality – Associated with Movie Format


  1. 60 P – Highest – 1920 x 1080 28 mbps (requires more space on SD Card)
  2. MXP – High quality 1920 x 1080 24 mbps
  3. FXP – High quality 1920 x 1080 17 mbps – Choose this.
  4. LP – low quality, allows more to be recorded to SD card. 1440 x 1080 5 mbps

MP4 –

  1. 35 Mbps
  2. 24 Mbps
  3. 17 Mbps
  4. 4   Mbps

Programmed AE Mode:

The most control while shooting is by using Programmed AE (auto Exposure) shooting. Camcorder automatically adjusts shutter and aperture. This mode allows adjustment to other settings. Choose “P” and “P” again and “OK.”

To control aspects of the shot, from the main screen, tap the camera icon.

The menu below appears.

  1. Audio Scene
  • standard – record in most general situations
  • music – vibrant music performance
  • speech – best for human voice
  • forest and birds – birds and forest scenes
  • Noise suppression – reduces ambience noise.
  1. Zoom- allows you to zoom using the LCD screen. (not recommended)
  2. Fader – allows for the use of transitions like fades. (not recommended)

Use your finger to scroll down to the remainder of the menu.

  1. Powered IS – image stabilization
  2. Focus – allows you to adjust focus
  3. Exposure – allows you to adjust exposure
  4. Mic Level – controls recording volume of the sound.
  5. White Balance – allows you to choose a white balance setting.



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