Getting Started – HFR 10 Canon Vixia

Getting started with the Vixia HF R10 – amazing little camera!

Be careful with it! Never force any buttons or cables. Avoid extreme heat or cold.

  • When you get the camera plug in the charger and make sure the camera battery is charged. The cable attaches to the camera in the back to the right of the red record button.
  • Note: the battery compartment opens on the bottom of the camera, but there is no reason to take the battery out, because you will charge it in the camera.
  • Insert the SD card, teeth down, teeth first. The SD card slot is found on the bottom of the camera in the battery compartment.
  • Open the LCD screen and make sure you are not in “auto”. The AUTO button is on the bottom left on the left side of the camera when the LCD screen is open.
  • To make sure you are recording on your SD card, hit the FUNC button, then toggle down to the bottom to MENU.
  • Choose the first choice; REC MEDIA FOR MOVIES. You will see two options: BUILT IN MEM or MEM CARD. Choose MEM CARD.
  • While in this menu, you will see frame rate is set to 60i
  • Initialize memory card. This means you are erasing whatever was on it before and preparing it to film your project. Go to the 4th window menu (icon looks like a wrench with 2 dots) The first item is NOTIFICATION SOUNDS. Toggle down to INITIALIZE. Select MEM CARD. Select COMPLETE INITIALIZATION. Select YES. Wait until it initializes and hit OK.
  • Get back to the main menu screen with the P at the top. Go through and make sure you are set for all these options:
  • AWB – custom
  • Image effect OFF
  • Digital effect OFF
  • FXP high quality
  • LW 1920×1080

Now for image control, we are shooting in the manual mode, not auto. You will not get good results in auto.

WHITE BALANCE. go back to the main P menu and toggle to the top choice which looks like a rectangle on top of two triangles. Select this and then hit the toggle button to the left a few times and choose custom WB. Then zoom in and fill the screen with white in the light in which you will be shooting. Then hold the toggle button in and the icon will flash. Keep holding it until it stops flashing, and then you are white balanced.

EXPOSURE. Hit the toggle button and press it up and select exposure (half black and half white icon) toggle left or right to open or close iris.

FOCUS. Hit the toggle button and press it up and select focus.. You can switch between A and M – auto and manual. While in manual, you can control the focus by moving toggle side to side.


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