Getting Started (quick guide) Canon Vixia HF R 30

Getting started with the Vixia HF R30

Link for the manual is found here.

Don’t force any controls or plugs. Take care of it. Don’t leave it in the sun or in the cold or let it get wet. Don’t leave it visible in your car.

Plug in the charger on right side of camera to charge.

Easy set up for our class

  1. Insert SD card while camera is off. Label goes toward lens. Teeth first.

2. Press power button on back to turn on.

  1. Open LCD screen and press HOME (2nd black button on left side of camera)
  2. Press Other Settings>2nd tab at top>Rec Med for Movies> choose memory card SD logo.

5. Recording Mode> SP

  1. Frame Rate> 60i
  2. Go to wrench tab> initialize to initialize card
  3. Hit FUNC button on LCD screen.
  4. Focus> MF. To focus choose area in screen you want to be in focus. Or use the mtn and person icons to control focus. X out to lock.
  5. FUNC>Power IS> OFF
  6. FUNC>White Balance> choose manual white balance (3rd over). Fill screen with white in the light in which you will be shooting. Hit SET WB and then X to lock.

12.FUNC>Exposure>M. Touch area in screen you want to be exposed and use down and up arrows to control. X to lock.

  1. Mic goes into mini plug closest to lens. Headphones go into the next one over. Always shoot with headsets on.

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