Editing Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

Update: Export settings
If for web or class turn in:

No fields (progressive)
VBR 2 pass
Check maximum render depth


You must have an external drive to store your projects and your media. See syllabus for specs.

  1. Use your SD card for these projects only. Do not attempt to view them on a PC. Do not rename them. Copy the entire contents of your SD card to your drive in a folder entitled [Name]media. Do this before you open Adobe Premiere.
  2. Open Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 by typing it in the search bar or going to Finder>Applications.
  3. Click on Create New Project. Name it [Name]MOS (You can add date too if you want.)
  4. Make sure your project is being saved on your external drive in a folder for your projects. Stay organized.
  5. Import the clips from the copied clips on your drive. File>Import
  6. Screen your clips and make notes on which ones you like. View by double clicking to open in the Source Monitor.
  7. Mark an in point and an out point at the places you want your clip to start and stop by hitting I and O.
  8. Drag the clips into the timeline. Or you can put the playhead where you want them to go into the timeline and hit the comma key for an insert edit.
  9. Save the project to your drive often. Change the autosave interval option in Preferences to save automatically often.
  10. Continue with the other clips until you have 2:00.
  11. Outputting: Go to File>Export>Media. You’ll get a dialogue window. Change the format to H.264. Click on the yellow text next to Output Name. **Very Important!

Name your project and make sure it is saving to your hard drive. Then hit Save.

Look at the output range indicator at the bottom left of the window. Make sure you are saving the entire timeline.

Then hit Export.


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