Social Media Teams

Facebook for Journalists

Lindsay Green, Reiny Esser, Tyler Karstensen, Richard Washington

Topics divided up by participating group members:

  1. Reiny Esser: What is Facebook? Short history. Challenges right now.
  2. Lindsay Green: What is the Facebook Journalism Project. Is this a good thing? See link here
  3. Tyler Karstensen: Best practices on FB for journalists. Worst pitfalls. link here
  4. Richard Washington: Give examples of which journalists use Facebook well. Local vs. National.

Twitter for Journalists

Topics to choose from: (divide them up)

Aden Andy, Quivana Waddles, Grant Hill, Delaney Rodgers

  1. What is Twitter? Short history. Challenges right now.
  2. What is the best advice for snarky and shameful comments. How to crowdsource.
  3. Best practices on Twitter for journalists. Worst pitfalls.
  4.  Give examples of which journalists use Twitter well. Local vs. National.

Linked In

Kelsey Shiflett, Chris Stoudemire, Emily Snook, Natalie Gambrell

Topics assigned by instructor due to lack of interest in group

  1. Chris Stoudemire: What is LinkedIn? Short history?
  2. Kelsey Shiflett: What is LinkedIn good for? Not so good for?
  3. Emily Snook: Tips for LinkedIn
  4. Natalie Gambrell: Discuss groups, endorsements. Give examples of people who use LinkedIn well

Snapchat for Journalists

Leslie Davis, Deja Johnson, Denai Battee

Topics to choose from: (divide them up)

  1. What is Snapchat? Short history.
  2. How best can journalists use Snapchat? Examples.
  3. What are some pitfalls? Examples.

Instagram for Journalists***NOTE

Topics I have been asked to assign these:

  1. Paulette Pineda: What is Instagram? Short history.
  2. Samantha Wilt: What is Instagram Stories? How are journalists using them?
  3. Matthew Bishop: Best practices for journalists on IG. Examples.
  4. Jessie Bosley: Pitfalls for journalists. Examples.

Facebook Live for Journalists

Lucinda Holberg, Cardine Johnson

Topics to choose from: (divide them up)

What is Facebook Live? What is the history?

What is it good for? What are the pitfalls? Journalists who use it well?


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