MOS Video Production – due 2/10 at 2 pm sharp!

Man on the Street Video Production

Due 2/10 at 2pm sharp! No exceptions!

You will go out on the streets on 2/3 and pose an interesting question to people and record video and audio of their answers. On 2/10 you will edit the best answers together so the piece is 2 minutes long.

Shoot just the person who is answering the question.

Here are the requirements:

  • At least 8 SOT’s (soundbites of people expressing opinions)
  • Make sure the question is clear either through audio or a title.
  • Best composition, exposure, color balance and focus possible. No shaky video.
  • Best audio possible.
  • Clean, precise editing technique
  • Appropriate subject matter


Composition of camera shots  – 15 pts

Color Balance/Focus – 15 pts

Exposure – 15 pts

Audio levels/ Audio mix – 15pts

Editing technique – 20 pts

Editorial content – 20 pts



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